Do You Save Emails?

The question for this Thursday is ‘Do you save Emails?’

You can actually delete emails from phones now. omg.

You can actually delete emails from phones now. omg.

Ever since I became a gmail user I have very rarely deleted personal emails.  My oldest email on record is from Tue, Apr 10, 2007 at 6:06 PM.  This email is one of 8146 that I currently have in my inbox.  7412 have never been opened.  I don’t suppose these numbers to very impressive considering how easy Google makes it to keep your unwanted emails.  After doing some research I found that many people have different views on email deletion.  My Mother, much to the chigrin of my Father, rarely deletes emails as well, although spam and other junk emails are often discarded on sight.  My Father takes a much more ‘corporate’ stance when it comes to his inbox.  He goes through each one, and responds, and then deletes them until his inbox is empty.  This may be the result of years of soul crushing corprate upper management. More research must be done in order to determine that.  I also have heard of emails as old as 6/17/04.  This ’email non-deleter’s’ identity will not be released in order to maintain their privacy and freedom of deletion.  It should also be noted that this person does and continues to delete emails at their own desired rate.


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One Response to “Do You Save Emails?”

  1. jon Says:

    I delete emails from chumps. But really, I’m too lazy to do all that extra clicking…

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